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Wow, another year has passed already! Time seems to go by quicker every year.. every day even! (Wasn't it just Christmas?)

It's my birthday... So I can be sappy if I want to.

Turning 30 to me is exciting, I realize it may be a number dreaded by some of you, but a lot of friends and family said their 30's were some of the best years, so I am looking forward to it! The truth is... I've felt 30 for a while... so it feels good for it to be official!

I am often one of the youngest mom's at the Christmas Concerts, and we are often mistaken for sisters... but my baby girl in the photo above turns 12 today... Which that's right, made me a teen mom.. and it also makes us Birthday Twins!

I've never hidden the age I was when I had her....I often get asked... ohhh she is 12 you look too young to have a 12 year old, and I simply say.. I am :) These days seeing us together there isn't much hiding it anymore! She is growing by the second, and I'm having a hard time keeping up. Soon she will be looking down on me! I couldn't be more proud to call her my daughter she is by far the sweetest girl I know!

The point...

Teen Mom may have been what I was... and I was looked down at by many for it. It is not who I am now...but I am not ashamed of it... it brought me here!

No matter what curveballs life throws your way, no matter the ups and the downs... you can still follow your dreams... you can still have new dreams, you can still learn and grown and develop into the person you've always wanted to be. I was lucky to have an amazing support system through out my life, and am lucky to have people pushing me in the directions I am sometimes too scared to go!

I am a Momma, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Wife, and Dreamer!

Today.... I am 30!!

Cheers (with semi cold tea) - to the next 30 years!

Talk soon,


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