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Long time No Blog!

Hey Guys,

I have been completely slacking in the blog department! I need to get in a good habit of blogging some of my sessions! January and February can be a bit slow in the photography world, so I have decided to take that time to work on my little business. I am just wrapping up a newborn workshop, put on some of the leading newborn photographers in the industry. It is an overwhelming amount of knowledge and I am just starting to go through my notes and try to organize some of my ideas and thoughts! Was a lot of fun connecting with the newborn online community and having direct access to ask some amazing photographers questions! I'm excited to show off what I learned!

Because of that I am offering a ONE time half price newborn session for a baby due to be born between now and Valentines Day. So if you know somone getting close to their due date send them my way and we can chat!

In other big news for 2016, which you probably have seen on my facebook page, I am offering prints this year. Not only will enlargements, and print packages be available to order (for a limited time after your session) you will also be receiving 4X6 prints from a professional lab of every image in your gallery. WOW!

I am so excited to be handing over actual photos instead of just the USB, and for me to be able to see every shot printed! It also gives you an idea of the quality printed from a pro lab in place of the box stores! We all know box store printers give you a strange orange glow and a super glossy print! Ick! My price list and packages should be ready soon!

I have also been able to hang some of my art work in a local OB/GYN office, this is a huge step for me to grow this category of my business... and so exciting to see my work in large canvases!!! :) It was an exciting day for me!

I'm excited to see where this year takes me, and I'm excited to continue learning and growing!

Here is a little collage of what I've been up to the last few weeks!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Talk soon,


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