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4 Days New Baby Jordyn


Happy "Spring" everyone!!!

I just wrapped up one of my favourite little sessions..... Mind you I fall in love with all of the little faces on my screen I just couldn't get enough of 4 day old 5lb little Jordyn! Smallest baby I've ever held... and although my daughter was born just a pound more than her, that pound made such a huge difference.

Feel so lucky to get to snuggle soooo many little sweeties in the studio. Makes me fall more and more in love with photography every time. Capturing these precious moments. Little Jordyn's Grandmother joined us in the studio to help out momma since she had JUST gotten out of the hospital the day before, and it was so lovely to have three generations in the room. What a special time!

Jordyn will be loved by many!

I have very few limited spaces for 4-9 month old baby sessions left in April. These select sessions are 10% off and will be help on April 11th and 12th...... So if you are thinking of a Milestone session send me a message!

My summer months are getting full (Don't worry there are still spaces!!) and Fall Family Sessions are beginning to book!

I am looking forward to seeing the grass... although that style seems like a long way off!

Talk soon!!


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