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Memory Lane

Hey there,

I have meant to blog more lately... but I haven't been able to get into a groove of it! Here is goes :)

This month my family and I said goodbye to my Grandfather on my mothers side. Family came from all around to be togethe, and if they were unable to come the distance they kept close in touch via social media. I was also blessed to have so many messages come from clients, and I really wanted to say how much I appreciate each and every one of you, and all of your messages.


Photo Credit : Mike vandenHof

When I was feeling like I didn't feel like picking up the camera, or spend a few hours editing, I starting to think of the power of the photograph. My family and I gathered looking at old photos. Each photo had a story, with laughter, smiles and tears each story was told. A lot of the photos my father had taken (the one above), and I was so thankful for each and every image. Most often he was the one with the camera in hand while I was growing up, and I now appreciate everytime he made us say "cheese" or those moments he caught when we weren't looking.

There are definitely a few (thousand) photos of my children, but I also make sure to get in a few shots as well. I want my children to have images of us together for when they grow up. Mom's find it so hard to make themselves get in the photos, but it is so important. I encourage it with my clients to not just generate their session around the children but to have photos with their spouse and of them with kids as keepsakes. My family and I had professional photos done twice this year, once in the summer and we just had Holiday photos done. I am anxiously waiting to see the results (It's hard being on the other side of the camera... can't wait to see more Chelsea Yeaton Photography!

The power of a photograph... whether it is a quick shot with your iPhone, your own camera or if you are investing in a professional photographer... charish those moments forever!

I plan on curling up with a nice blankey and enjoying a cup of tea and getting some editing done, I have a busy day of Holiday Mini's tomorrow!

Talk soon,


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