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Frais Catering- Following a Dream

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Stehane and Sarah from Frais Catering. They had catered my hubby's graduation party for me and the quality and the food and service was amazing! I was so excited for the oppertunity to photography a few dishes in their new shop in Wolfville.

They just recently opened a breakfast/lunch and snack joint in Wolfville at the Wool'n"tart. Walking into the shop I immediatly felt at ease. Ladies knitting, enjoying a bowl of vegan/gluten free asparagus soup, having a coffee and chatting quietly. Sighhh... What's not to love?

I set up with my product backdrops in the back of the shop out of the way of all the clients enjoying their lunch, and next to a door with beautiful natural light streaming in. Steph brought me one beautiful dish after another... I was amazed at their attention to detail. We chatted away about their goals for their little cafe and their catering company while their little one watched me take photos. This couple team worked well in the kitchen and made me and everyone else there feel at home.

I highly recommend you checking them out for lunch and make sure you try one of their home made donuts! My little guy sat on a stool and enjoyed his very first donut when my husband and him came to pick me up. MMM good!

Check out their website and facebook page!

Have a great day!

Talk soon,


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