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Family Fun!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of working with two separate families.

Sunday morning, I met the Downie family at the Kentville marsh for a one hour family session. It was a beautiful morning, the birds chirping and a few friendly people out for a walk. We were lucky it wasn't too busy there, and we had a lot of space to walk around and try a few different locations.

Just like every other little three year old boy, Ryan wasn't overly interested in having his photo taken. Having a two year old boy at home, this is completely normal for me! We ended up getting some great shots of the kids just being kids, and a few great posed family shots. I am having fun editing their session :) Such a cute little family.

Sunday evening, I went to Kingsport Beach to meet up with a Family Reunion! I got there a few minutes early... and saw rain clouds quickly coming our way! I knew I had my work cut out for me, a group of nine, six siblings and 3 "outlaws" as they called themselves. As soon as the family arrived I worked as fast as I could to get group shots organized, and all of the other combinations we had discussed prior to the day. We got it done in 30 minutes before the sky let go for a massive downpour! The family was a blast, very easy going and very understanding of me rushing them around. Thanks guys :)

I have a busy weekend coming up with a few mini sessions so keep an eye out for teasers. I am also being a part of a HUGE giveaway with A Creative Destiny and a few other local companies, there is one teaser out already so stay tuned for more details! Have you guessed the theme yet?

Have a wonderful day

Talk soon,


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