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Mac and Cheese and Beyond

Hey there!

One of my favorite last minute meals is Mac and Cheese! It is one of the kids favourite on days when we are all home for lunch time, and it even makes it into the supper rotation on occasion! The thing I love the most about mac and cheese is not only is it quicky, but it can be a well rounded meal!

2tbs Butter

2tbs Flour

2 cups Milk

1 cup grated Chedder

Noodles (Any Small noodle will do)

Pinch Nutmeg


*2 Cloves Fresh Garlic* Optional

Any Veggie you like

First get your slightly salted water boiling for your noodles, add them anytime! (Use standard maroroni or any other small noodle)

I start with a standard rue. 2tbs butter (real not margarine), melted in a heavy bottomed sauce pan, add 2tbs flour and whisk until bubbly! *This is when I add my chopped fresh garlic if I want to* Add 2 cups of Milk (I use 1%), the great thing is this becomes just as creamy as a cream based pasta sauce without all of the fat! Continue whisking over medium heat until it becomes thick! I typically add a pinch of nutmeg, pepper, and what other flavours you like. 1 cup of grated chedder cheese to stir in at the last moment, Add your noodles and away you go!

I always add at least one veggie, frozen peas are the easiest (or corn), throw them in with your noodles at the last moment.

We also sometimes add left over cooked chicken, or some sauteed sausage. Whatever you have on hand to make this a nice well rounded meal! I have even mixed in some steamed spinach and the kids didn't notice!


My summer is pretty much full, I have a few days available in August if anyone is interested! I am also planning attending a charity event in August where I will be doing 1- emailed photo for a low cost! I will send you details as I get them!!

Talk soon,

Liana :)

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