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Front and Central- Pop Up Chef Dinner

Hey there!

I've been having technical difficulites tonight so I am hoping third times the charm... Here it goes!

Last night I attended my 2nd Pop up Chef at Front and Central as the official photographer. I actually got hired for the job by attending the first one as a contest winner, taking a few photos during my meal and then getting a message the next day about shooting for the next one. The pop up chef series has brought some of the best Nova Scotian Chef's to Front and Central to cook along side David Smart. Last night was with Peter Dewar of NSCC, and a member of the Culinary Team Canada. It is exciting to see two chefs come together in the kitchen to create a culinary masterpiece.

I show up in the kitchen about 30 minutes before service begins, to get comfortable and get my camera ready. Unlike "Hell's Kitchen", the F&C Kitchen is a pleasure to be in! There is always a lot of joking, laughter and even singing. They are great at making me feel comfortable in a crowded area while I'm trying to stay out of the way! When dinner service begins, I take shots of the first dishes coming off the line while in the kitchen. I get to witness the white canvas of the plate take form into the finished ediable art that heads to the tables and hungry guests. It truely is so exciting to see how the vision comes to life on the plate and to see how important it is that the dish be appealing to the eyes and the palatte.

After an hour in the kitchen I head to the dining room. I typically request a corner/window seat so I can utilize some natural light while taking shots of my meal at the table! After seeing and smelling the dishes for so long I am excited to taste them! I foodie at heart, I appreciate the dish so much more after seeing the love and talent that went into it. They never dissapoint! I personally love the photographs that come from the warm, late evening window light... it captures the romantic feel of the meal and the atmosphere in the dining room, and it creates a completely different image than the shots taken in the kitchen.

I am looking forward to working with the Front and Central team in the coming months on revamping their website, and I"m happy they are inviting me back in their kitchen for more!

Attached is a photo I look in the dining room last night, it is lite on the left side with natural light, shot with a Nikon 50mm Prime Lens.

Check out my facebook page and website for more culinary photographs.

Talk soon,

Liana Rhodenizer

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