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Sharing Memories

Hey Guys,

Booking a photography session for your family or friends is an investment, one you will most likely look back on for years to come! This past Easter weekend, my family and I spend time looking over old photo albums from years gone past. We laughed with the style changes in fashion, we smiled at the way things have changed, and we missed those who are no longer with us! Photography to me is an important way to document your family history.

During your consultaion and your session I try very hard to get to know you, to help you be comfortable with me and to have you enjoy your time in front of the camera! You may think I spend an hour with you during your session, go home and upload your photos to a DVD and never look at them again! Typically, for a one hour photo session, for a family of four, I could spend upwards of 4 hours looking at and editing your photos! For a newborn session, it could be even longer! I do not specialize in weddings, but the few I have been done has required many more hours of editing, I definitley respect our many talented local wedding photographers and the time they dedicate to their craft!

I spend time working on your complextion, the background and editing your chosen photos in colour and black and white! It is not a simple button to switch your photo from colour to B+W, it can sometimes be a process to find the perfect mix of warm and cool tones to set the mood for your photo! As well as making your session flow, from one photo to the next.

I absolutely love to sit, typically with a cup of tea, and work away on your session knowing you will have the opportunity to relive your memories when your disc is complete and ready for viewing!

I hope you enjoy your photos in the years to come, and that they hang on the walls of your home!

Attached is a photo I took at a friends Easter Egg Hunt this past weekend. The first photo on the left is the SOOC photo (straight out of camera) and in the middle is the colour edit, and on the back my version of a creamy black and white.

So when you are booking a photographer for a session, and you are a little taken back at the hourly rate, remember you are also paying for post production time as well :) And myself, as well as many local photographers spend endless hours making sure you are looking your best!

For me, the art of photography is a learning process! I am having such a good time learning new tricks and techniques both in camer and in the editing process! Follow me on my journy on my new website and on facebook!

Talk soon,

Liana Rhodenizer

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