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All About You!

Hi There,

One of my favourite types of photo sessions is what I like to call an "All About You' photo shoot! It gives me the opportunity to work with someone one on one, spend the entire hour or more, making them feel and look beautiful. You truely get to be a super model for a day! Last summer I was lucky enough to get to the beach a few times to do some fun "Yummy Mommy" shoots! I really hope I get the chance to do this again this year! If the weather ever warms up.

Sometimes, as a mom you get in what I like to call a 'Mommy Rut', you forget that at one point you put a little more effort into how you looked, and it does effect how you feel. You loose time to yourself, and in turn you loose out on putting your self first!

I made a New Years Resolution this year to put a little more effort into me. Maybe get my hair done, more than once a year, and maybe take five extra moments in the morning to put some effort into my make up. I've noticed, spending that five extra moments a day *when I live up to my resolution* makes me feel so much better, strange but true!

Do you have a special mom in your life or a friend, a sister, an aunt or even you that could benefit from being a super model for a day?

I am offering Mother's Day Gift Certficates with a free 5 extra frames included! Treat yourself or the one you love with a day they will never forget!

Above is my beautiful sister, one of the many All About You sessions I did last year and one of my favorite shots of the year! Her hubby bought the session for Mothers Day for her and she rocked it! :)

Thinking of getting a photo session as a gift? Maybe package it with a little trip to the salon, we have some awesome local salon's and spas! As a hubby you would get total brownie points for this!

Message me for details,

Talk soon


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